Kingsley’s classic high-cut dressage boot with an elegant silhouette and stiff outer calf. The discrete front-inner zipper allows additional ankle mobility.



A polo-inspired boot with front zipper. Available with one or two straps and our signature Kingsley buckles.



An all-round riding boot for any equestrian discipline, and within the Kingsley range, the one with the most extensive customization options.



Our stylish lace-up riding boot. The lacing, classic or elastic, allows for greater adjustability in terms of sizing.



Kingsley’s entry-level boot is available in 11 colors and comes with various customization options. Equipped with an elastic insert at the back, this boot is well suited for growing young riders.



An all-purpose, modern riding boot with signature infinity stitching on the front of the shaft.




Leather Types


At Kingsley we use calfskin as our standard leather. It is of the highest quality and offers a great balance between flexibility and firmness. It is very comfortable, molds to your feet and legs all while being highly wear-resistant. Standard leather Kingsley boots are perfect for training and everyday use.


Polished leather is calfskin leather with a glow. It is manually buffed by our highly skilled craftsmen until they obtain a smooth and bright finish. This type of leather is more rigid than standard leather, but less wear-resistant and thus a bit more sensitive to weathering and scratches. The polished leather is perfect for competition boots.


Patent leather is a coated leather with a high-gloss finish. It is the most delicate kind in the Kingsley range; very rigid but prone to scratches, requiring a gentle use.


Suede is obtained through a peculiar finish of plain leather that results in a soft and velvety effect. The leather is very comfortable and supple from the very first day.

Water resistant

Our standard calf leather that has been treated in various ways to give it a water resistant characteristic. A sturdy leather for in- and outdoor use.


Our standard calf leather with an animal print for a super cool and classy look. The printed leather features the same level of comfort as the regular standard leather.

300+ leathers and colors

With the Kingsley 3D configurator, your design options are virtually infinite. With over 300 leathers to choose from, your creations are limitless. Try it instantly on our website or visit your local dealer.

How to order

1. Configure your shoes

Start by selecting your preferred style of boot. You can then start the customization. Click here for our collection.

2. Visit a Kingsley dealer

Once configured, please visit your local Kingsley dealer where the appropriate measurements will be taken. Our Kingsley dealers can also assist you with the designing process.

3. Make the initial pre-payment

As soon as we receive your 50% deposit, the manufacturing process will begin.

4. Manufacturing

The manufacturing of custom boots and jodhpurs takes approximately eight weeks.

5. Keep an eye on your phone and email

After a meticulous quality check, your unique pair of boots will be shipped to your local Kingsley dealer, who will get in touch once they arrived.

6. Pick up your custom boots or jodhpurs

Be amazed by your own creation and start riding! We wish you many happy hours in the saddle.


Sizing / Measurements

Full customization

If a standard size won’t do because your measurements vary too much, we recommend full customization to ensure a perfect fit.

Partial customization

Partially customized means that only the height and width of your boots need to be adjusted to guarantee a perfect fit.


Based on 28 height and width combinations per shoe size, Kingsley has an array of 364 standard sizes available. If a standard size does not meet your requirements, you can opt for partial or full customization. Click here for the size chart.