Kingsley Pads ®, innovative saddle pads with performance-boosting characteristics.

Breathable Structure

Kingsley Pads® consist of breathable layers of a uniquely 3D-woven, moisture-wicking polyester fibre. The moisture-wicking feature has a dual action: it rapidly transfers sweat to the outer layer and dries it out quickly, so that it doesn’t saturate the pad.

Shock Absorption

The specific 3D-weaving technique creates an abundance of tiny shock absorbers throughout the entire pad, which leads to a significant reduction of peak pressures underneath the saddle.

Optimal pressure distribution

Kingsley Pads® are designed, engineered and assembled in such a way that a uniform and optimal pressure distribution is obtained.

Lightweight Design

Kingsley Pads® are made of lightweight performance fabrics. They are durable, breathable, non-absorbent yet truly light, making the horse-saddle interaction a smooth occurrence.

Kingsley’s Saddle Pads®

A pad and saddle cloth combined. All the benefits of the Kingsley Pads® are merged into one single saddle pad, with a thicker dual layered section underneath the saddle and single layered side panels. These Saddle pads are most suitable for dressage and show-jumping and come in black, brown or white. Shop now

Single-, double- and triple layered Kingsley Pads®

Cutting-edge saddle pads

Using the latest material innovations with performance-boosting characteristics, Kingsley created these pads to improve the overall fit and comfort for the horse under saddle.

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Single Layer Kingsley Pad®

A close contact pad, especially suited for dressage, showjumping, cross-country or hunting. Preferably used in combination with a perfectly fitted saddle, it further enhances the communication between the rider’s seat and the horse.

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Double Layer Kingsley Pad®

The double layer is suitable for any type of saddle and makes it perfectly fit various horsebacks. An essential pad for riders and stables who interchange saddles between horses.

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Triple Layer Kingsley Pad®

This pad is highly effective when horses are under saddle for an extensive amount of time. A staple amongst riding schools, endurance riders, sport stables, polo clubs etc.

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Kingsley Western Pad®

The western pad evens out pressure underneath the saddle and distributes the rider’s weight more evenly. The moisture-wicking fabric allows continuous ventilation, reduces heat build up and the capillary action of the pad rapidly disperses sweat onto the surface and allows it to evaporate. The pad dries remarkably quicker than the average wool felt counterparts and the overall weight of the Kingsley Western Pad® is significantly lower. Available in black, brown and white in 3 different sizes that fit most barrel-, roping-, reining-, cutting- and trail saddles.

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Kingsley Ortho Pad®

The Ortho pad has been developed to accommodate the hard to fit horseback. By leveling out the layers inside the pad it is possible to generate a perfect saddle fit. The standard version of the Kingsley Ortho pad® consists of a single layer in the front part, a double layer in the midsection and a triple layer in the back. Ortho pads can be custom made to meet specific needs of individual horses.

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Kingsley XL Pad®

Our standard Kingsley Pad® in a larger version. This pad comes with all the original benefits and fits slightly larger saddles. Available in our 3 standard colors and in a double- and triple layer version.

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Kingsley Training Racing Pad®

A pad, with all the Kingsley Pad® assets, lightweight, shock absorbing, moisture-wicking and generating optimal pressure distribution, specifically designed for the racing industry.

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Kingsley Equalizer Race Pad®

Specifically designed for racing

A five-layered pad to maximally increase the horse’s comfort during a race. The middle layer contains a unique thermo-softening polymer that molds to the horse’s exact morphology, the outer layers consist of the signature Kingsley Pad® fabric with performance-boosting characteristics. Kingsley’s Equalizer pad, equipped with weight pockets, is lightweight, shock absorbing, moisture-wicking and generates optimal pressure distribution.

Easily moldable

The thermo layer becomes soft and moldable after being heated with a hair dryer. When placed on the horse, topped with saddle and rider, the pad will solidify, into the exact shape of the horse’s back within approximately 20 minutes. This can be repeated over time to re-shape the pad if necessary.

Extensive pressure relief

Due to the perfect molding of the pad to both horse and weighted saddle, the pressure distribution is exceptional. Add in the feather weight of the pad, just over a pound or half a kilogram, and you are set for extraordinary results.

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Kingsley Tendon Boots®


The lightweight, thermo-layered and moisture-wicking fabric allows continuous ventilation and prevents the tendons from overheating whilst exercising. The boots weigh roughly 200 grams and are low-maintenance; a subtle rinse will do to clean them, and given the fact that the signature fabric doesn’t absorb water, the boots dry almost instantly.

Individually moldable

The thermo layer becomes soft and moldable after being heated with a hair dryer. After snug-fitting the tendon boots, they will solidify into the exact shape of the horse’s legs within approximately 20 minutes. This molding process can be repeated over time to re-shape them if necessary.

To wrap or not to wrap

Regular boots and bandages can be challenging when it comes to heat build-up, weight, mobility restrictions and fit. Because of the thermoregulating, lightweight and moldable nature, Kingsley Tendon Boots® offer maximum protection without the negative impact of said challenges.

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